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Swamini Marketing is a unit of Swamini Marketing pvt ltd, a well established organization working since 2015 Company has pioneer in providing cost effective technology based solution to their esteem customer. Now this time we brings a product that is essential for everyone life. Our edible oil filter can be used by individual family or hotel and food industries. It can be use by

Home User

Domestic household can use our oil filter before cook anything at home.


Hotel industries can also used oil filter machine to filter large quantity of oil.


Restaurant owner can use to our filtration unit to reuse of same oil.

Food catering services

Food catering services can also benefit to using oil filter unit.

Special Features

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Puroil is a specialized simple processing unit for edible oil filtration

No electricity and go green concept.

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Puroil resists the acidic volume in oil very effectively

The process is done by the using the world best combination of natural world minerals, which is purely non chemical and non hazardous in nature

very effectivelyPuroil filtered oil is completely safe for consumption, 100% natural treatment and no artificial chemicals

No regular supervision needed during processing time




What Are We Doing?

Puroil is used for purification of used cooking oil for removing sundry unhygienic substances, water and harmful elements and bad odor very efficiently. - Puroil maintains the nature of the oil and nutritional values even after filtration and will be better than the unused cooking oil. It retains and maintains the required fatty , iodine, acid levels

Puroil filtered oil is completely safe for consumption - 100% natural treatment and contains no artificial chemicals. - No side effects and better remedy to minimize heart/liver /gastro related problems. - Very cost effective, no hidden cost, very easy to use, eco-friendly product

Puroil filter media has been tested and approved by various laboratories across India

1. Puroil filter are available in 10 Ltr/5 Ltr /1 Ltr sizes. 2. Puroil filter media is available in 3oo gms /1 kg/5 kg/25 kg.

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